Today, I am grateful for… the rush of the train

Arundel Castle from the train

Today, I am grateful for the rush of the train, from London to Chichester and back again… I am grateful for the blurring of trees; the muted palette of the landscapes this evening as I passed through; the silhouettes of towns and of castles against them. I am grateful that their beauty never fades for me; it always pleases in Summer haze or torrential rain. I have a season and a half of this on my horizon as a new contract of once weekly visits to work on the south coast begins again. I will watch the beginning of Spring and encounter Summer in her full glory… each week a new something to capture my attention and imagination. Each year I forget until I see it again; every season holds magic of its own in this ever-changing scene. I am grateful for the soothing rattle and hum; the bounce and the sway; the soon home again. I am grateful for this time before the big city approaches and I am part of the homeward race on the underground train.