Today, I am grateful for… my creativity


Today, I am grateful for my creativity. I am grateful that it is always there, like an old friend, easy to connect with, no matter long the gap since our last meeting. This week, my Facebook conversations have revolved around art and the fears and blocks that prevent people from creating. It is interesting to note how the same challenges (lack of time, fear of the blank page, wild swings of energy and enthusiasm, fear of not being good enough and the disconnect between what can be imagined and what can be created) rear their heads again and again and how some of the most talented artists I know are the ones who experience the highest levels of self-doubt. This is not new news, but it reminds me how commitment to creativity is so important for creative beings and how we must make art even (or especially) at the times when we feel least like creating. Creativity is always there… it is in the way I think, the way I approach life’s challenges, it is in my style of parenting. The times in my life when I feel most connected to myself are those when I invite my creativity in. Today, whilst half-way through a blog post, I recognised a block and addressed it. In writing about art, I was stopping myself from making it, so I stopped writing and made art. That felt good. In my work I am lucky enough to connect with a wide range of people and creativity is at the heart of all that I do. It is the reason for my work at Pallant House Gallery, inviting people to connect with art in the collection there. It is at the heart of the art club I run at my son’s school. It is the reason I am launching a new course…  I want everyone to experience the joy of creativity that I am lucky enough to enjoy on a regular basis. Creativity is my friend, my chosen form of self-expression, it brings me joy and for that I am truly grateful.