Gratitude Daily Summer 2014
Appreciate the good things for a more joyful life
Course runs June 30 – July 20, 2014

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Do you feel a little flat from time to time and crave a brighter outlook on life?

Do you listen to the daily news and feel your heart sink?

Isn’t it time we all started appreciating and sharing the good things in life?

To turn 2014 into your year of joy and optimism, take action now!

Gratitude has been proven to raise your serotonin (feel good hormone)
levels and make you happier!

Just £47 if you sign up today.

Improve your health and relationships
Cope better with stress
Feel happier and more connected
Shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance
Increase mindfulness
Sleep better

Formulating my gratitude practice and sharing it with friends was one of the most uplifting things I did in 2013.
For the month of February, I sent daily prompts to my friends and created for us a secret Gratitude Group. The level of support, connection and sharing within this group of wonderful people from all over the world took me by surprise and created a desire to share the experience with a wider group of people. This year, in February, I did the same with a new group who participated in the course, shared their experiences and celebrated their good feelings as their gratitude practice became a life-enhancing habit. Now, I am opening a new Gratitude Daily group for you it will be filled with information, quotes, ideas and exercises that I have discovered and tested over the past year. Will you join me in formulating a gratitude practice and inviting more joy into your life this Summer?

THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to a more joyful, wholehearted life… to formulating your own gratitude practice and sharing all of the good things in every day with a group of appreciative new friends.

Sign up today for just £47.


What will I get for my money?
You will receive daily prompts in your email inbox for 21 days and an invitation to join our secret Facebook group. Prompts will include inspirations and exercises to help you formulate a daily gratitude practice that feels right for you as well as examples of how other people have cultivated a gratitude practice to fit into their daily life. You will be invited to post your own daily gratitudes and comment on other people’s gratitudes in our confidential Facebook group. Developing a gratitude practice will affect your daily sense of well being and last a lifetime.

When does it start and end?
We begin on June 30, 2014. The course runs for the 21 days. Daily prompts will stop on July 20, but the Facebook group is likely to remain active after this date.

Do I have to participate daily?
No, it is not a requirement, but you will get more out of the course if you put more in. Committing to a daily gratitude practice takes just a few moments out of your day, but the benefits are huge. Try it!

Who is the facilitator?
My name is Julia Elmore. I am an artist, workshop facilitator and coach. I am currently leading the Interpreting Collections programme at Pallant House Gallery; running creative workshops for women and children in North London and working with John Williams, author of Screw Work Let’s Play on his Screw Work Academy and as a Genie, supporting players on the 30 Day Challenge.

Who is this group for?
Anyone wishing to up their joy and gratitude and connect with others on a similar mission. You do not need any experience and there are no formal requirements for joining, just a desire to connect and formulate a gratitude practice. Come on in…

If you have any other questions, please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.
With love,
Julia x


“The daily gratitude group has blossomed into a magical space of sharing our minds and hearts. Thank you, Julia, for creating this space for us and being a compassionate and engaging facilitator.”
Brigitte Gleissner, creativity coach, Seattle, USAIrena Ellis, artist, Czech Republic, reported feelings of “friendship, support, belonging” and said that her practice “even helped me recover from a medical condition… real fast… that is the power of gratitude and togetherness in this group”.

“My gratitude sharing has filled me with a sense of not being alone – knowing that others understand and appreciate my triumphs and tribulations.”
Sarah, teacher, London

“In a mad crazy world, the gratitude group has given me a place of tranquility, positivity and TRUST. I am a better person because of it.”
Sue, Scout leader, London

“You start to realise just how much there is to be thankful for every single day. It made me stop to appreciate the small things.”
Sheelah Turner, adventurer and writer, United Arab Emirates

“It is a great experience to be able to find and express the positives of each day with like minded people. Especially when we are surrounded by negatives in daily life. Very uplifting, supportive, and fun.”
Laura Bevan, artist, London, UK

“The gratitude practice and the support group created by Julia helped turn a good year into the best one I can remember.”
Justina Hart, writer, UK

Just £47. Sign up to a more joyful life today.

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