Today, I am grateful for… my gratitude walks

gratitude walk

Each morning, on my way home from the school run, I make a little detour through the park… my gratitude walk. It takes just a few minutes, but the effect lasts for hours. My decision to turn right rather than left at the bottom of the hill adds moments to my walk home and smiles to my morning. I walk slowly, mindfully. I look around me and take in the details. Today, the first daffodils, a ring of crocuses, freshly flowering after the weekend, planted in a wobbly ring. As I walk, I stretch out all of the tightness in my shoulders from too many computer hours and let the fresh air fill my lungs. I breathe in, out, in; slowly and deeply. Some days, like today, I take pictures… somehow capturing moments on my camera or phone helps to imprint these things on my mind. These gratitude walks help me to appreciate the beauty on my doorstep… the simple pleasures it is so easy to take for granted, but which, if we allow them, add such joy to our lives. In the Summer, I will want to linger, I am sure, but for now, just a five minute boost from nature is enough to top up my morning gratitude tanks.
*  *  *  *  *  *
Is there a little detour you could make each day for a short gratitude walk? Or perhaps there is a route you walk already, which walked slowly and mindfully might inject more joy into your life. Just a few minutes away from the desk and out in nature shifts the focus and helps productivity no end. If you think there isn’t time, think again. If you want to get more done, slow down… Jonathan Fields reminded me of that with his productivity hack Hair on Fire Minus One. This week, I am putting it to the test.