Today, I am grateful for… loyal friends


There was a point, some ten or so years ago, when I had this funny feeling that I was at an age where I would not make many more new friends. I had a few friends from school, a few more from Uni, then I inherited the friends of my boyfriend, their girlfriends and a group I had become close with whilst running my market stall. There were the work friends who I saw on the job, but rarely outside it and a whole host of people with whom I spent time on a rather irregular basis. Loyal friends who I hung out with often were few and far between. Where this feeling came from, I have no idea. I don’t know what led me to believe that you get to an age or a period in life where the new friendships just stop happening, but I remember thinking it. Maybe I was just stuck… stuck in that life, in that working rut, in the not quite being true to myself place where new horizons seemed unlikely. But in the past few years, I have made many wonderful connections with incredible people, including some of the most courageous and inspiring friends I have ever had in my life. This, I had not anticipated. The conversations that have recently arisen dig deeper than I have ever dug and open doors to connection and meaning, both in the moment of sharing and then rippling out into other relationships. Each time, it astounds and delights me. Yesterday, for example, I spent the afternoon with a relatively new friend… someone who I have known for just one year, but with whom I feel totally at ease. Life makes sense when we are together. Within 9 minutes of meeting she had me in tears. Good tears. You know, the sort that fall silently when someone truly gets it… when you feel heard and seen and understood. She moved me with her words of how my Gratitude Daily course had changed her life… for the better. That’s when the deeper sharing began. With her, I feel safe sharing my vulnerabilities, knowing they will be treated with kindness and respect and I invite her opinion and request her advice, trusting that she will speak the truth and not just what I want to hear. We are looking out for each other. For such loyal friends and for moments like these, I am truly grateful. The internet too, has allowed for some incredible connections with like-minded people, some of whom have become dear friends, even though we have never, or rarely, met face to face. Yet, the loyalty, support and understanding know no bounds. I feel privileged that my courses have brought together two separate groups within which such deep and heartfelt friendships and connections have been forged. May there be many, many more.