Today, I am grateful for… wild nature

Today, I am grateful for wild nature

Last night, a wild and restless wind was billowing outside… it would swell and subside, swell and subside.
I had the outdoor light on, watching, listening…trees bending, wind whistling.
Inside, safe and warm, I was grateful for wild nature.
Today, under blue sky, sun shining, cold biting… such a contrast to yesterday, I am grateful again.
Hints of Spring are appearing…. buds on branches and bulbs flowering.
Every day holds new wonders in store.
I am grateful for each one of them.
*   *   *   *   *   *
In the little community for my Gratitude Daily course, 25 women are growing their gratitude practice.
They are sowing the seeds of a more grateful and therefore more joyful life… tending the fragile buds of thankfulness, opening their hearts to abundance.
Strength grows through sharing. Support and nurturing are forthcoming.
Life becomes brighter and fear subsides when you appreciate the little things.

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